Comprehensive services

We have experience in creating very diverse graphic forms.
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AIn order to minimize the risk of losses or wrong investments in game production, a game publisher explores the market by creating game prototypes. During prototyping, a number of concepts, graphic materials and animations are created. We use these to build the so-called pre-production – that is, the presentation of the idea and mechanics of the game.

Frozengem Studio offers you a full support in this area, that is:

  • creation of storyboards based on the client's ideas,
  • creation of the so-called cinematics or animated scenarios,
  • creation of 3d graphics – locations, characters, objects,
  • creation of 2d graphics - logotypes, GUIs,
  • creation of animations of characters, camera, environment,
  • video editing of game engine footage and additional visual effects,
  • editing of soundtrack and synchronization with video,
  • creation of graphics and animations for promotion on Steam and social media.
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Promotional materials

We create advertising graphics and animations to support promotion. We have many years of experience in the production of advertising materials, not only in the gaming industry.

Frozengem Studio offers you a wide range of creations, such as:

  • creation of animations of logotypes, the so-called intro logos,
  • editing and post-production of game engine trailers,
  • creation of business presentations, animated infographics,
  • creation of static animated html5 advertising banners (GDN, Sizmek and others),
  • creation of web designs (for slicing).
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Game production

We have finished the prototype stage of the game and are in the process of building closed and global playtests versions. We are creating a game based on an original idea. We wish to apply our previous experience – gained while creating graphics, animations and games for our partners – to the final outcome of our game.

Frozengem Studio has taken the following steps to that effect:

  • we have analyzed current trends and demands for different types of games,
  • we have found a niche subject matter,
  • we have found a niche demand for interesting game mechanics,
  • we have found unique historical elements that had not been used in any video game before,
  • we have procured the necessary graphic tools and assets required to implement the idea,
  • we have performed a price survey for the services of specialists required to make the missing graphics and animations,
  • we have created unique game mechanics,
  • we have created our own framework for creating the game world on which the production is carried out.