Game production

Custom game framework

By completing tasks as part of the Dungeons of the Amber Griffin game prototype project, we have created our own framework/engine for producing roguelike, dungeons crawler, cRPGs and more.We have our own framework with implemented: Raytracing, Lumen+Nanite, Nvidia DLSS3.5 Nvidia Reflex+Boost
Ikona produkcja filmów

Core Features

We currently have the following game mechanics in our framework (Unreal Engine 5):

  • character creation system (skill tree, character classes, descriptions, portraits, stats system),
  • inventory system (complete item configuration with illustrations, descriptions, stats, etc.),
  • movement system (walking, running, overload, immobilisation),
  • combat system (melee combat, spellcasting, setting traps, etc.),
  • NPC dialogue system (conversations, trading),
  • mission creation system, quests (split into main storyline and side quests),
  • map system (discovery of minimap, world map),
  • weather system (effects of weather on the environment, day/night cycle),
  • system of interactive buttons, traps, keys, levers, etc,
  • game save/load system,
  • cinematic playback system (playable video sequences that react to player behaviour),
  • bestiary book system,
  • book system (system for reading stories in the game),
  • different game modes (story mode, tutorial, speedrun, music mode and puzzle mode),
  • Our system is ready to localise prototypes in all possible languages.

Our games in production

A Grid-based dungeon crawler FPP game is currently in production.
Co-financed by the polish ministry of culture, national heritage and sport from the culture promotion fund – a state special-purpose fund.The content partner of the project is the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo.